Roller Grill TQ38i 38L multifunction oven

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The temperature in the stainless steel oven TQ 380 I rises very quickly: 300 ° C in 10 minutes! True multifunction oven, the TQ 380 I is equipped with 4 adjustable functions:

– The “ventilated heat” function allows homogeneous cooking of several similar dishes simultaneously. The rotating heat is a mixing of hot air by the gentle and regular action of the thermo-ventilator. The latter provides a process of air-blowing, air intake and channeling currents of hot flows. Air moves through and around foods in a homogenous flow to cook food evenly. This constant circulation of air makes it more efficient to transfer heat to food: cooking is faster than in a standard oven, and at lower temperature. Beyond a gentle cooking, the ventilated heat is also used to thaw frozen food or to reheat some dishes.

– The function “Baked pastry oven” is ideal for your sweet or savory pies, bread or cakes. This function ensures optimal spread of the heat and very accurate control of temperature. The lower heating element operates at full speed. The bulb thermostat regulates precisely the vault of the oven. The fan provides an even spread of the heat in the oven.

– The “Turbo Quartz®” function increases the inside temperature by 30 ° C, saving 30% of the cooking time! Turbo Quartz® is a technology developed exclusively by Roller Grill. At the same time, it combines and regulates infrared quartz tubes in the upper part and the bottom heating element, with the ventilation system. It is a unique technology for cooking vegetables, fish, meat and for raising puffs and meringues like a Chef!

– The function “infrared ventilated grill” is essential for browning, grilling, icing dishes and also for roasting a chicken. Infrared quartz is an Alferon heating element in a siliquartz tube. The quartz tubes give out an invisible and harmless infrared radiation (1050 ° C) that is similar to the one emitted by embers. The infrared radiation comes into the flesh and turns into heat at core. This very even cooking respects the molecular structure and fibers of foods. Combined with the ventilation of the oven, the infrared is the ideal technology for roasting poultry with the rotisserie, grilling or cooking meats, fish, vegetables, cakes, brown pastries, browning pizzas, lasagna and other gratins.

This compact oven makes it possible to defrost, to reheat, to cook and to brown any kind of dishes: cakes, pies, dishes in sauce, meat, fish, vegetable gratins etc. Thanks to its precision and temperature regulation, this stainless steel oven increases the cooking possibilities even further:

– bread oven function using the oven with a chamotte for baking bread, pizza etc.

– slow cooking at low temperature from 50 to 60 ° C

– dehydration of vegetables, fruits

– steam cooking with for example a dish + glass lid

Inside dimensions 410 x 360 x 250 mm
2.5 kW
Outside dimensions 555 x 550 x 355 mm
Weight 23 kg
Volume 38 l


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