RG-DW106 Dish warmer with 6 plates

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The dish-warmer DW 106 keeps warm the prepared dishes (paella, sauerkraut, stews etc..) served at table . After 15 min. pre-hating time of the plates, the prepared dish is placed on of these hot plates on the table of the guests and it is kept warm during 45 min. !
Thanks to their high special alloying content, these heating plates boast optimal heat retention capacity and will keep your dishes warm individually. Capacity: 6 hot plates. Plate dimensions: 270 x 150 mm. Features: thermostat, pilot light, heat-resistant handles

Power : 0.65 kw
External dimensions : 400 x 215 x 335 mm
Weight : 14 kg
Volts : 230 v