RG-PSR400E Steel Griddle Plates

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Specific steel griddle plate to cook meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions… and also for fried eggs and omelettes.

Quick temperature rising to 300°C. Healthy and fast cooking with the mirror smooth plate for a direct temperature transfer. Perfect homogeneous cooking without any loss of heat thanks to the incoloy heating elements.

Easy cleaning: juice and grease draining in the removable drip tray.

(for PSR 400E)
Features : 1 spiral heating element, 1 on/off switch, 0 – 300°C thermostat, pilot light, thermostatic pilot light.

(for PSR 600E)
Features : 1 spiral heating element, 2 thermostat commutators0 – 300°C , 2 pilot lights, 2 thermostatic pilot lights.

Stainless steel construction and reinforced insulation.

Outside dimensions: 400 x 475 x 230mm

Cooking Surface: 400 x 400mm

Cooking Area: 1

Volts: 230V

Power: 3 kW
Outside dimensions: 600 x 475 x 230mm

Cooking Surface: 600 x 400mm

Cooking Area: 2

Volts: 380V or 230 V mono

Power: 6 kW or 2 x 3kW (2 cords)