PA-11006 Sauce Pan

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Outside and inside satin polished. Hollow tubular stay cool handles in stainless steel. Non-drip edge. Uniform thickness in sides and bottom. Sandwich thermoradiant bottom (stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel). Perfect for use on any type of stove, whether gas, electric, glass ceramic cooking surface or induction stove. All items have an induction-suited sandwich bottom. Designed for the needs of professional chefs and the pleasure of passionate gourmets.


10 options:
– PA-11006-12 – Size: Ø12cm, Height: 7cm, Litre: 0.8
– PA11006-14 – Size: Ø14cm, Height: 8cm, Litre: 1.2
– PA11006-16 – Size: Ø16cm, Height: 9.5cm, Litre: 1.9
– PA11006-18 – Size: Ø18cm, Height: 10.8cm, Litre: 2.7
– PA-11006-20 – Size: Ø20cm, Height: 10.8cm, Litre: 3.8
– PA-11006-22 – Size: Ø22cm, Height: 13cm, Litre: 5.0
– PA11006-24 – Size: Ø24cm, Height: 14.5cm, Litre: 6.5
– PA11006-28 – Size: Ø28cm, Height: 16cm, Litre: 9.8
– PA11006-32 – Size: Ø32cm, Height: 19.5cm, Litre: 15.4
– PA11006-36 – Size: Ø36cm, Height: 21.5cm, Litre: 20.5

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Ø12cm, Ø14cm, Ø16cm, Ø18cm, Ø20cm, Ø22cm, Ø24cm, Ø28cm, Ø32cm, Ø36cm,