RG-FM4 Double electric smoker

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The electric smoker FM 3 enables you to smoke with 100% natural sawdust, preferably oak, your fish (salmon, trout, eel, herring, etc.), shellfish (lobster, crawfish, mussels, etc.), meat(duck breasts, filet mignon, etc.), delicatessen (sausages, bacon, ham, etc.) at a very cost-effective price!
Electric heating element with timer to automatically ignite the oak sawdust. Delivered with a refill of premium quality oak sawdust, for that unique taste and flavour. Low cooking grid: 400 x 800 mm. Upper punched cooking plate: 340 x 545 mm.

Power : 0.25 kw
External dimensions : 715 x 415 x 360 mm
Weight : 21 kg
Volts : 230 v