RG-FD80D Double 2 x 8L professional fryer – FD line

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The professional counter top fryer FD 80 D ( 2 x 8 Liters ) with cold-zone is particularly suitable for fast food restaurants. The model FD 80 D is a double counter top fryer with double containers, independantly controlled for double output at peak times or to leave one container free for frying other foodstuffs.
Automatic oil filtering by decanting allows you to fry chips, fish, doughnuts, etc. in succession using the same oil and using minimal quantities of oil, without carbonisation and, therefore, without transmitting taste or smell.
Accurate and safe : thanks to a precise bulb thermostat in stainlesssteel, a double safety thermostat which cuts out in case of overheatingor lack of oil and a microswitch. The baskets are fitted with heat resistant handles.
Easy cleaning : 10 completely removable parts, oil container can bewashed in dishwasher.
Features: precise bulb thermostats, safety thermostats, microswithes, pilot lights.

Power : 2 x 3.6 kw
External dimensions : 590 x 485 x 345 mm
Weight : 15 kg
Volts : 2 x 230 v
Capacity : 2 x 8 L