RG-CT3000B Conveyor oven

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The conveyor oven instantly starts and cooks with no preheating thanks to the rays of infrared quartz tubes (1050°C). It ensures the cooking at core of every kind of warm snacks non stop: sandwiches, pizzas, tarts, bruschetta, gratins, finger foods, nuggets, panini, bruschetta etc.
Preparation and cooking of warm snacks in front of the customer in record time!
– Panini, pizza, croque-monsieur, bruschetta in 1’30 min !
– Mini-pizza in 50 s !
– Nuggets and finger foods: 2’15 min after defrost !
– Toasts, tartines, pies etc.
Reheating of waffles, croissants and pastries. And keeping them warm thanks to the holed top tray.
3 regulation systems to adjust your conveyor oven to every kind of sandwich and snack to be cooked:
– Regulation of the speed of the conveyor belt
– Regulation of the heating power (full or half power)
– Regulation of the height at the entry from 7 to 11 cm thanks to the refletors on entry and exit of the tunnel to concentrate temperature inside of the cooking chamber and also to reduce cooking time: ca. 1’30 min on average !
Flexible installation: the conveyor toaster is fitted out with deported control box (length of the cord: 1m) which can be fixed either of both sides of the oven or on a wall or on a support. The very compact conveyor oven (72 cm) is stackable for a double output in the same space.
Easy cleaning: the belt can be cleaned with a small brush. The roof and both sliding trays collectors placed at entry and exit under the belt are completely removable.
Equipment: 8 quartz tubes (1550 W on top, 1450 W on bottom), quartz tubes selector (off, full and half power on top), speed control, conveyor belt with stainless steel mesh, front and back trays of 15 cm, pilot lights, ventilated motors, adjustable feet. Option: stainless steel support (475 x 360 x 300 mm).

Power : 3 kW
External dimensions : 470 x 720 x 405 mm
Cooking surface : 300 x 370 mm
Weight : 21 Kg
Volts : 230 v