RG-9 Electric grill with 9 rolls for hot-dog

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Hot-dogs : the universal snack! 2 different methods can be used :
? a traditional hot dog machine for steam cooking, with heating elements to toast the baguette or bun on the inside. (CS 0 E, CS 2 E, CS 3 E, CS 4 E, CB 20)
? a roller grill (with several rolls) which keeps pre-cooked sausages hot while the bun-warmer (CB 20) keeps the buns soft and warm.
This roller grill RG 9 keeps up to 16 pre-cooked sausages warm, i.e. 128 hot dogs per hour! Optimal output thanks to 125 W power per roll. Chrome-plated rolls ensure easy cleaning and durability. Length of the rolls: 40 cm.
The roller grill RG 9 is fitted out with 2 heating areas with independant control.
Features : on/off switch, power control system, pilot light, heavy duty motor.
Option: protection H01077SE ( 580 x 450 x 250 mm) for every Roller Grill RG. Liftable rear door for service.

Power : 1.1 kw
External dimensions : 545 x 460 x 240 mm
Weight : 19 kg
Volts : 230 v